Yannick Spark

Yannick Spark

Hi I'm Yannick, I am a french 🇫🇷 software engineer raised in Martinique 🏝 and passionnate about Front-end stuff and building products.

I'm currently working remotely as a Lead Front-end engineer at Teacup Analytics.

My toolset is composed of :
JavaScript · React · React Native · ReasonML · AngularJS · Node · CSS

Hire me

I run my own consultancy business and take work remotely.

  • I build performant Progressive Web apps with React, Redux and Webpack
  • I build mobile applications with React Native
  • I maintain legacy codebases based on AngularJS

I'm always interested in working on new projects. Email me if you would like to work together.


  • Preddit - A tweetdeck-like reddit client Progressive Web App built using Preact
  • Yummypets - Mobile website of Yummypets in AngularJS

Open source

  • Taskorama : A functional task data type library for JavaScript
  • Taskify : Like util.promisify but for Tasks
  • Taskqlite : A monadic interface for sqlite in Node
  • console.image : Logging images into Chrome console.
  • redux-websocket-example : Experiment with WebSockets and Redux.
  • ngDebug : Inspect AngularJS scope and services from Chrome console.
  • Promiser-java : An attempt to implement Promises/A+ specification for Java > 8.


You can reach me on Twitter or send me an email.