Yannick Spark

Hello I'm Yannick, a french 🇫🇷 software engineer from Martinique 🏝. I enjoy building user interfaces with code, travelling, reading, and reinventing myself regularly by training, eating well and fasting. 👋🏽

I'm currently working remotely as the Lead Front-end engineer at Teacup.

My expertise in software development lies in 👇🏽

ReactReact NativeReasonMLPureScriptAngularJSCSSNodeGraphQL

Hire me

I'm a JavaScript consultant specialising in web projects and mobile apps.

Need to build a performant Progressive Web App with SEO in mind? Need to create your app for iOS and Android? Need help with front-end tooling? Or just want some advice about re-writes/architecture of your front-end code?

I like to do quality work, get stuff done, and communicate. I try to avoid messy code, I do my best to leave simple, clean, fast, and reliable code everywhere I work.

I'm always interested in challenging new projects.

Email me if you would like to work together.


  • Rooftopsoon

    Find the best rooftops out there.

  • Predditnew

    A tweetdeck-like reddit client for all your subs.

  • Teacup

    Automated Google Adwords bid management and Google Analytics reporting.

  • Yummypets

    The social Petwork.

Open source

Find more of them on Github and NPM.


You can reach me on Twitter or send me an email.